5 Questions to Ask When Getting a Video Production Quotation

Published: 06th December 2011
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So you've shopped around for video production quotations and you have a bunch of quotes sitting on your desk. Maybe you don't, maybe you're considering it. You want to spend money on something with the highest ROI, but how do you know if a video production will be a good fit? After all, you're not an expert. You don't want to make a wrong decision and regret it. Here's five questions to ask (along with danger zones) that can illuminate the proccess.

Video Production Quotation Question #1: Portfolio

This may seem like common sense 101. You'd obviously like to see the past work of a company. But also make sure to find out which director will be working on your project and what his position was in the shoot. For example you may be shown an amazing piece of work, but the director may only have been a grip (person who holds the lights) on the particular project.

Video Production Quotation Question #2: Price justification

Some companies will quote high and some companies will quote low. If you really want to go with a higher priced video production company make sure to get them to justify their costs and budgets. Perhaps even ask them to split the costs into sections so you know exactly where the money is going. Sometimes you may find that a large portion of the budget may go towards something that is not necessary (like for example, a rain machine when you don't really have to have a rain scene, or $1,000 actors when at the end of the day, there are many struggling talented actors that will do it for much less and still give a great show). Remember that a saving of $2,000 means money you can spend on AdWords once the video is created to engage your visitors.

Video Production Quotation Question #3: References

You want to know past satisifed clients. If you are a SME owner and the past clients of the company include Westpac and St. George those references are irrelevant because corporations have different needs from SMEs. For example you might call the purchasing/marketing manager who will tell you they were very satisified with the work but at the end of the day, they don't justify their budgets like SME's. They usually have $50,000 - $250,000 that they throw at a large production house because that is the budget assigned, and they go with the company that has done work with other large corporations and the cycle continues. Eventually the particular production company will start charging more for the fact that they have worked with the large corporations rather than their creativity, skill or ability to help SMEs. What you want is companies with people in a similar situation to yourself who are satisifed.

Video Production Quotation Question #4: Marketing Knowledge

If, when you ask a video production about marketing the video all they can do is refer you to a media buyer run the other way. These type of companies, in many cases, work through a marketing agency that feeds them work. Their existence depends on referrals and they wouldn't know the four P's of marketing if it bit them in the face. They have no idea how to actually sell a product or service, or how to actually go about implementing a video solution in a marketing plan. All they know is how to turn their cameras on and follow the script. Useful no doubt but if you are dealing with them direct, you can forget them going out of their way to create a video solution which takes into account all promotion channels.

Video Production Quotation Question #5: Distribution Channels

The fifth question to ask about your video production quotation is whether the video production company can work with you to embed a high quality video into your website that doesn't lag and annoy your audience. It can be a real headache to covnert and embed and while you can put this job over to your web master, putting video on the web includes converting it to web format and using the right video hosting platform. These are things not every web master is an expert in dealing with, some video platforms cost $12,000 a year while some are $10 a month. Leaving the decision to someone not well versed in the industry may leave you paying more in the long run.

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